Explore Writing Challenge's Features

Writing Challenge will help you to enjoy all your writing sessions


Creative Idea Generators

With thousands of ideas so you can get your stories started

The Writing Challenge generator will provide thousands of different combinations to get your writing started. You just have to open your notebook or favorite word processor, press the ‘Start’ button, and let Writing Challenge inspire you.


Different Options

You choose the idea that most inspires you

If a suggestion doesn’t convince you or you don’t think it fits the story you’re creating, no problem. Press the ‘Another’ button and you’ll receive a new suggestion immediately.



Make your writing into an even more fun challenge

You can choose the amount of time you want to elapse between different triggers. The app will inform you of each new step with a notification, so you don’t have to keep track while you write.


Number of Steps

Decide how many steps you want your story to have

In the app’s settings, you can configure the number of steps you want in order to tell your story. You can use these steps as turning points or as simple triggers to move the story forward. Once you’ve completed all the steps, the app will suggest an ending for your story.