Trigger your Inspiration

Have fun testing your writing out, and get ready to write non-stop!


Thousands of suggestions so that your ideas are always ready. Say goodbye to creative blocks forever, and take muses with you everywhere.


Because writing should be fun and everything is easier when you’re enjoying it, Writing Challenge will help you turn every writing session into a fun game. If you’d like to add an extra challenge, adjust the timer and dare to write against the clock.


Convert the app into a group game. Suggest a challenge for several friends, and let each one continue the story where the previous one left off. The timer can help make the game even more fun.

Create Stories with your Friends


Create complete stories, from start to finish, with as many twists as you like thanks to the app’s step-by-step configuration.


Because ideas are everywhere, always carry the app with you and take advantage of any opportunity to set your creativity in motion.